Speech Therapy 


The earlier the intervention the better the outcomes. At Feed Eat Speak we work with children from birth onwards using child led approaches and fun therapy activities

I believe that in order to get the best outcomes from Speech and Language Therapy the sessions need to be fun and child led. Carrying out therapy in your childs' own home is really beneficial as it helps them to be more open and responsive. Myself and the team at Feed Eat Speak will work hard to build a rapport with your child, finding out their likes and preferences and tailoring the therapy around them. Therapy involves you observing and at times participating in the session so that you have the tools to support your childs' communication on a daily basis.


    I can help children with the following difficulites or conditions:

    • Attention and listening
    • Language delay and disorder
    • Speech sound production
    • Non-verbal communication
    • Developmental delay
    • Learning disabilities
    • Cerebral palsy
    • Autism
    • Syndromes
    • Tracheostomy