Support packages


I offer a variety of locations and different treatments and therapy packages. I am guided by you and will work towards your goals as you are the expert on your child

There are different support packages available. Each assessment and therapy option will be agreed in advance and will be based on your childs needs and response to therapy.

Assessment will depend on your child's needs and may include the following:

  • Informal assessment: Most commonly used with younger children or children with limited language. It involves engaging or observing your child in a natural play or feeding situation and assessing their skills. Typically lasts for one hour and will include feedback and advice.

  • Formal assessment: Used with older children or children who have more established verbal language and involves 'testing' using a standardised assessment. This is still lots of fun for your child. Depending on your child's level of concentration this may need to take place over more than one session. A session typically lasts for one hour and informal feedback is given at the time but results will be reported later.

  • Feeding assessment: Ideally carried out in your childs home environment and includes a case history and mealtime observation. It will also include feedback and advice. A written feeding plan is included in most cases. Sessions typically last between an hour and 1.5 hours and the time is decided in advance of the session depending on the concern.

  • Skype consultation: For feeding cases only, where there is a clear goal which is likely resolved in a single consultation. This only applies for children who do not require a physical /face to face assessment of feeding and swallowing.

  • Lactation and breastfeeding consultation: Antenatal and postnatal visits are available.


Therapy sessions include one or a combination of the following:

Individual therapy session: This includes feedback and advice at the end of each session. Parents are present and learn the therapy techniques in order to practice at home between sessions. These are typically weekly sessions and for a defined period following which they are reviewed. Therapy sessions typically last for 45 minutes.

Review/consultation session: Most commonly used for feeding sessions or review of home/school programmes.

Phone review: These usually follow an initial feeding assessment where ongoing face to face support is not indicated but plans or programmes may need updating/changing based on progress. These are pre-booked at a time that best suits you and typically last for 20 minutes.

Home programme: This is written individualised advice for parents and carers. This may include resources. Ideas from the programme will be demonstrated during an individual session and then given for home practice.

Feeding plan: This is given following an assessment or skype session and will include all the strategies discussed at the time of the appointment. It may also include pictures to demonstrate feeding positions, suggested equipment or products to purchase or trial, it may include examples of foods to trial and recipes. 

School programme: This is written individualised advice for school staff. This may include resources. Ideas from the programme will be discussed/demonstrated by Stacey and then given for support in school. School programmes will be designed to support access to the curriculum.

Fees for assessment and therapy are available on request.

Payment and cancellation terms:

Check if your Feed Eat Speak therapist is registered your private medical insurance company. Some members of the team are. Please contact your insurer to see if your policy covers your child for speech or feeding therapy. 

Payment is required immediately following the assessment session before the report or feeding plan is released. Payment can be made via BACS transfer or cash and card on the day of the visit. I no longer accept cheques. Payment for skype sessions is required in full in advance of the session in order to secure the booking time.

24 hours notice is required if you need to cancel an appointment, otherwise you will be charged the full cost for the session.

Liaison with NHS SLT/NHS teams:

In the case where there is an NHS SLT involved in your child’s care it is our professional duty to notify them of our involvement. It is best practice to share all information regarding your child’s care.