Having a baby with feeding difficulties is a nightmare, that no parent should have to face without expert help and support. Stacey is clearly very experienced and has a good understanding of the complexities of feeding problems in children. She is a thoughtful listener and reflective practitioner. I appreciate her down to earth and pragmatic approach and her ability to empathise with both parent and child.
— Lucia
The first time we met Stacey she was a breath of fresh air and gave us real hope that she could help our son who had had a tough first year of his life and is hemiplegic. Stacey was able to identify very quickly what the issues were and what we needed to do to help our son. She was very clear that a team effort was required but if everyone pulled together we would see progress. We have! Our son now cannot stop talking!
— Julianne
I had supervision with Stacey when establishing a newly funded SLT service on my neonatal Unit. I found the sessions with Stacey extremely supportive and encouraging. She has such a wealth of knowledge of current evidence and practice feeding and swallowing difficulties in neonatal and acute hospital care, that she shared with me and supported me to develop my clinical skills and knowledge on this new post. Stacey was really flexible and accessible for ad hoc phone conversations when I was dealing with tricky clinical cases or situations and I felt this on line support helped develop my abilities.
— Siew-lian
Stacey helped us when our son had complex feeding issues as a baby, through difficulties weaning and beyond. Her help has been invaluable, and we found her to be incredibly professional, knowledgable, pragmatic and supportive. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Stacey to other parents.
— Harriet
G’s first diagnosis was very stressful - we knew something was wrong - just not what and she was so young. From the start Stacey came in and took control. We know now what the problem is and how to fix it, as well as manage it long term. We really appreciate everything Stacey has done for G (and continues to do), going above and beyond and helping us to feel not only that she’s getting the best care, but also that we really understand and know how to help her. Thank you!
— Jess
I would like to thank Stacey for her professionalism and support. She helped during a difficult time with my daughter. She gave me small titbits of advice as well as helped me with big decisions. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to breastfeed without her help. She was a real mentor to me.
— Lia
I began to work with Stacey after my tiny 5 month old’s seeming disinterest in the bottle had got extremely worrying and I had resorted to giving her the majority of her meagre feeds when she was asleep. In a mere hour’s session, Stacey was able to identify the problem by watching Orly feed and reviewing the details of her recent feeds. With kindness and expertise, Stacey assured me that my daughter was consuming enough to sustain her growth and that her poor eating habits were rectifiable. She put together a workable plan for getting Orly’s eating on track which accommodated my own anxieties. Over the next couple of weeks, Stacey made herself available over phone, text and email to patiently guide me through the implementation of the plan, and address any of my concerns. Now Orly is enthusiastic about her feeds, and thanks to Stacey, I have peace of mind that my daughter is healthy and happy.
— Chantal
Early intervention was pivotal in our case and we had such incredible success with speech therapy for Lucas. It has been years since but we still cannot believe the difference in him. We unreservedly recommend Stacey, who was excellent at what she does but also tremendously patient in providing guidance to us parents throughout.
— Vivian
Stacey’s knowledge and practical advice is reliable and effective, she is always quick to respond to messages and she also provides a wide range of helpful extras from videos to articles and blogs, but what its really special is her huge sensitivity and genuine kindness.
— Fliss
One day.... I changed how I gave her bottles based on what we discussed and she took 17 oz!!! Her mid morning milk was only 2 oz and she pushed it away but the rest were good bottles with little or no fighting. Best day in ages! Thank you so much x
— Rosemary